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Welcome to the Unvanquished Wiki, the centre for all Unvanquished guides and resources.

  • If you need help with anything, jump onto the IRC or the forums.
  • Build the wiki! Contribute guides, information, corrections and improvements.


  • Installation
  • Bug-reporting
  • Weekly gaming events
  • Getting help


  • Weapons, buildings, alien classes
  • Guides and tactics
  • User-contributed stories
  • History


  • Variables and cvars
  • Text colours
  • Server administration
  • Runtime parameters

Making and modding

  • Mapping
  • Sound and music
  • Modelling
  • Texturing
  • Translation
  • Gameplay modification


  • Source code
    • Getting the source
    • Compiling from source
  • Guides
    • How to contribute
    • Coding conventions
  • Reference materials

Tools and projects

  • Unv. specific tools
  • Stikked
  • Wiki project
  • Unv. around the web
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